Drawing to the Rock Ministries
Drawing to the Rock Ministries

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Drawing to the Rock Ministries is very flexible and can help you create a unique worship experience for your congregation or organization.  Kerry has many programs of varying lengths.  He is open to producing just one piece of art or multiple images.  He has many images in his portfolio, but can also create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your specific worship theme.  While Kerry prefers to use his own soundtracks, he can easily work with your choir, praise band, or even illustrate your sermon.  Plus... you get to keep all the art!


There are no set fees! Kerry will come to your church or organization for covered travel expenses, lodging, plus an honorarium/love offering. For long distance travel where airline travel is neccessary, Kerry asks to be reimbursed for shipping art supplies to and from the event.


If you need a number to help you plan your budget, Kerry's average honorariums are $300 - $500 for a 30 minute program.


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