Drawing to the Rock Ministries
Drawing to the Rock Ministries

What They Are Saying!

"Kerry Jackson is an extremely gifted artist. He has a passion for using his artistry to creatively communicate the Good News of our Creator's love for those He created in His image. I enthusiastically recommend Kerry and his Drawing To The Rock Ministry for children, youth or corporate worship enviornments." - Rev. Lee Weeks, Senior Pastor, Foothills Community Church, Marble Hill, GA


"Kerry Jackson is an amazing artist who uses his art and his ministry, Drawing to the Rock Ministries, to point others to Christ.  Kerry came to our church as part of our missions emphasis.  I have never seen my church family respond to anyone as they did to Kerry’s ministry.  Having Kerry at your church will be an experience and blessing that you will never forget." - Kristy Byers, Missions Emphasis Director, New Heights Church, Columbia, SC

"I have had the privilege of working with Kerry at several different events and have witnessed his talent first hand. The experience is simply amazing! Not only watching his as he paints, but observing the people watching him. They sit almost motionless with there eyes and attention fixed firmly on Kerry and what he is doing. There are people who have the gift of art, and can paint or draw beautiful pictures, but when Kerry paints he does so with power and authority. It's just one of those things that you to see! What a incredible blessing it is to know such a talented man."  - Tom Resue, T.E. Audio Video, Harrison, TN

"I have seen Kerry paint several times. Each time I sense the anointing of God on his work. I'm drawn closer to God through his art. I rejoice as others experience who God is as Kerry paints. I have been a part of a lot of worship experiences, but few have impacted people like Kerry's painting does.  Both his life and his art give glory to God!"

- Todd Briggs, Pastor, Midtown Church, Atlanta, GA

"Kerry's art has a striking quality that continually attracts attention. His two portraits of Jesus painted in our events are displayed in our state conference center and our state office. Those passing by continually stop and stare at the portraits, then move away in a more thoughtful mood. Gripping!" - Mark Powers, Director of Worship & Music, South Carolina Baptist Convention


"I've seen Kerry Jackson deliver his art in worship many times. To say that it moves me to the core is an understatement. He is truly gifted. He allows God to use his gifts in incredible ways to literally paint God's glory. All that is good, but what I love most about Kerry is his heart to minister and use his gifts to draw people closer to the Lord." - Jack Eason, Excecutive Director, The Crossover Group